Baby Swimming Lessons

Baby Swimming lessons for your child begin when your baby is in the womb, they learn breath control and it’s only once they are out of the womb that they being to ‘forget’ the control they originally had. This is forgotten by the time bub is 6 months old and this is when water familiarisation or ‘swimming lessons’ can start for your baby.

By starting at home in the bath or shower you are giving your child the best ability to succeed when they do finally begin any form of baby swimming lessons or Swim Survival Lessons.

In order to enroll your child in any type of swimming lesson in Australia they can start from the age of 6 months, prior to that there is no licence or training that allows an instructor to teach any younger. You may find a swim school offering a free program for children under that age, but be wary, they hold no qualification nor would any insurance policy cover them if something bad was to happen.



What can you do for your child at home to help with these lessons?

  • Pour Water over babies face to get the reflex
  • Whilst in shower, look at bubs and Count 1 – 2 – 3, close your mouth then let the water go over babies face.
  • Take baby to the pool and get them use to the environment of a large area