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Water provides a combination of resistance and support that can offer higher intensity than your standard workout, but with lower impact. Aquastars offers a wide range of fitness programs, including aqua boxing and a carefully devised circuit-training course that’s as gentle or as grueling as you choose to make it.

We also feature the popular Acquapole® system, a deceptively simple method that lets us offer more than 150 body-toning, cardio-improving exercises for adults of all fitness levels.

It can be difficult to find time in the week for exercise, so Aquastars schedules its adult fitness classes at various times throughout the month. If the timetable below includes a class that works for you, go ahead and reserve a place today. If it doesn’t, please let us know what times would be better for you. We can’t make any promises, but we’ll do our best to make room for you. Above all, we listen to each and every customer…even those who haven’t visited our pool just yet.

Aqua fitness classes at Aquastars combine in-pool variations on familiar exercise routines with special challenges designed especially for the water. Each class offers 45 minutes of strength- and endurance-building challenges, held in our heated pool and overseen by highly trained aqua fitness instructors.

Pricing information

1 x 45 Minute class – $15.00
10 x 45 Minute Class – $130

Seniors Card Holder Discounts
1 x 45 Minute Class – $13.00
10 x 45 Minute Class – $110

Your child could be learning valuable life saving swim skills in a matter of weeks

Circuit Fusion with Acquapole

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