School Aged Swim Lessons

Starfish/Seahorse/Octopus/Turtle/Manta Ray

Swimming lessons for School aged students are held every morning and afternoon from Monday to Friday and in the Mornings on Saturday and Sunday. Typically, most children attend the afternoon class times or on Saturdays and Sundays, but the more advanced Preschool child can be booked in the morning time slots. The swimming classes for School aged students are very popular at Aquastars and begin with a maximum of four (4) children per class (Starfish/Seahorse/Octopus). The higher and more competent the Swimmer becomes the bigger the class. Turtle Level has five (5) students in the class and Manta Ray have Six (6) students per class.

The objective of this level is to begin to teach children to learn the basics of “Overarm” and “Stroking”. Students are typically aged 5 years to 12 years of age in this level and will learn Freestyle and Backstroke. The more advanced classes develop their Freestyle and Backstroke whilst introducing Breaststroke.

Most School aged students who are learning to stroke will swim the full length of our purpose built heated indoor pool with one teacher and one class per lane. This ensures high lesson quality without crowded lane space.

Quick tip – Be prepared! Getting the arms over the water and timing the breathing of freestyle can be a challenging skill to initially master – so practice at home on the edge of a bed or lounge! This will help your child develop good timing.

Their own pair of comfortable swimming goggles are essential and swim caps are also required.

Classes for this level are conducted from 8am to 12pm but most School Aged students swim in the afternoon time slots of 3pm to 6:30pm every 30 minutes Monday to Friday.

Saturday and Sunday classes are also available for this level from 7:30am to 12pm.

We are an Active Kids Provider and are happy to accept your vouchers at our Swim School.

Call the us on 02 4954 9900 to book into a class today if you have not been here before your first lesson is free.

We do have an answering machine, but the best times to phone us for new bookings are between 8:30am-12pm and 12:30pm to 6pm.