Swim Survival

Our instructor is internationally recognised through www.infantaquatics.com.

These classes are typically designed for children ages 6 months – 5 years old. Your child is taught by a qualified instructor to Swim Float Swim in case of an accidental fall in.

Children aged 6 months up are taught to roll over and float and call out for help in the case of an accidental fall into a body of water.

Children whom are at the walking stage are taught to roll over and float but are also taught to roll back over and swim to safety. If they can’t make it to safety, they roll back over and float to gain their breath and then attempt to find safety again.

These skills are taught in an intensive environment and will be held for 10 minutes a day Monday – Thursday, four days a week.

Once Completed your child (depending on age will progress into either our Friday aqua babies class or our Friday fun day class, where their survival skills are continued and developed.