What we offer – Classes

At Aqua Stars we do not use flotation aids like “back Bubbles” and “arm floaties”. Experience tells us that if young children fall into a body of water, they usually do so unexpectedly without a bubble or floating aid and with their clothes and shoes on.

Children need to be taught how to save themselves first and foremost, before they are taught how to perform an “over-arm” stroke.

Aqua Play (Jelly Fish/ Clown Fish Classes)

Lessons are Parent and Child Lessons which have a parent or caregiver in the water with the student. Children in this level are typically aged between six (6) months and 2.5 years to 3.5 years of age.

Jellyfish is our water familiarisation lesson, where parent and child are in a group lesson, this is about fun and children learning to love and appreciate the water. These lessons are 30 minutes in Length.

Clown Fish is where a parent and child are in a small group Lessons typically 5 students, with a focus on developing their skills to progress to the Learn to Swim Classes. These Lessons will be 30 Minutes in length.


Are classes that have a teacher in the pool with a maximum (4) children (Starfish) and four (4) children (Seahorse/Octopus) in a class per teacher. Children in this level are typically aged between 3.5 years to 5 years of age. (Age does vary based on the ability of each child.)

Turtle/Manta Ray

These classes are typically children whom are now perfecting their skills in Freestyle and Backstroke. Typical ages for these classes are 6+ years of age (Age does vary based on the ability of the child). These classes will have a maximum of six (6) students per instructor.


Are students that are learning and refining their Freestyle and Backstroke skills and introducing  Breaststroke and Butterfly. These Classes will have a Maximum of eight (8) students per instructor. Students are typically 8+ years of age (Age does vary based on the ability of the child).

Junior Squad/Squad Training

Once the child has completed our Learn to Swim Program they are able to enter our squad classes. This is where all four strokes are developed and refined during a one (1) hour training session. Children progress to our junior squad when the instructor deems them to be competent in their swimming abilities.

Swim Survival

Is a new program to Newcastle, this program has been run in Sydney for a number of years and teachers the child aged between 6 Months to 5 years old, to survive in the water. Our Motto is Float – Roll – Swim, this teachers the child to float upon falling in to the water, then they roll over and finally attempt to swim to the side (depending on the age of the child).

Private Lessons

Aqua Stars also offers Private one on one lessons, for those students who would like more one on one time and to gain more confidence in their swimming without being in a group setting. These lessons are also offered to adults who want to learn to swim.

Autism Swim 

Aquastars is a part of the Autism Swim network of instructors, whom have had specific training in helping those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, communications difficulties, sensory processing difficulties and development delay how to swim. We work with your child and withing their needs to help them learn how to swim. Sensory specific sessions will occur in the afternoon on Saturday and Sunday, as well as Wednesday morning. These are times in which the pool will only have minimal students (2 to a max of 4).

Aqua Fitness
Whether it be a low impact , cardio or just fun workout, our aqua fitness classes are for you. We are the first Swim Centre in Newcastle to introduce you to AcquaPole , a fun workout in the water utilising specially made poles from Italy. With this equipment we can also do different classes which include Acqua Elastics and Acqua Boxing.