Welcome to the New age of water fitness. AquaStars is proud to be the one of a small number of centres in the New South Wales with Acquapole® and associated Classes including Boxing, Elastics and Acquapole® circuit fusion.



All classes are 45 minutes duration

Acquapole®: Experience aquatic fitness like never before with an Acquapole® class. Allowing maximum freedom in the water with over 150 possible movements, Acquapole® will tone, burn fat and keep you smiling.

Acquapole® Boxing: Mix up your Acquapole class and get into boxing. A high intensity class designed to get you moving, burn fat and punch it out in water.

Acquapole® Elastic: With the addition of Elastics to the Acquapole, you will experience a workout like never before with the Elastics providing an opposing force.  Connect your resistance training with cardio to increase your strength and flexibility.

Acquapole® Circuit Fusion: Combining all of our Acquapole® classes into a circuit style workout station! An extra connection allows the poles to be joined together to allow for a range of different exercises as well as boxing, traction, toning & cardio.

Acquapole Australasia