3 Tips to Swim Faster

By Dean

Competitive swimmers are always looking to break their personal record. However, finishing with a faster time takes more than just ‘pushing through the pain’. It requires precision mechanics as well as a level of mental focus that can only be achieved through practice and determination. Learn how to shave off seconds or even minutes from your race times with these three tips to swim faster!

1. Keep Your Balance

Your body should be horizontal on top of the water from head to heel. This creates the least amount of drag by reducing the amount of water in your path. This is especially important for freestyle swimmers who often lift their head to breath, which causes their hips and legs to drop.

2. Improve Your Technique

The key to swimming faster lies in decreasing drag in the water. Water is obviously much denser than air, so the more streamlined you can make your stroke, the better. Drag can be reduced slightly with a swim cap, however ONLY improved technique will provide noticeable results.

3. Improve Your Propulsion

Kicking only makes up 10% of propulsion, while arm strokes make up the rest. Your whole body needs to be working together, while simultaneously making sure your feet are always level with your torso. When your feet break the surface during a flutter kick, it increases drag, so try to keep them under water as much as possible. However, your arms play the biggest part in improving propulsion. Working on swim stroke mechanics will increase your form and your ability to pull yourself through the water. In addition to this, building more upper body strength through weight training will increase your speed exponentially.